Healthy Personalities And Behaviors Are Important For Business

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Healthy personalities and behaviors are important for business to succeed. Since many workplaces have very diverse people it is important they know the “Big Five” trait theory. Trait theory proposes that that a personality of formed from five different traits. Commonly, known as the “Big Five” the traits are known as Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience. A manager can use the “Big Five” in a business setting to better understand the workplace and the people who work in it, which can help the business succeed.

Extraversion is the first segment of the “Big Five” traits. This trait describes a worker who is outgoing, assertive, works well with others, is social by nature, and is friendly. Being an extrovert can be very helpful to an employee in the workplace. If jobs are being under executed, a job needs to be completed, or if someone needs to take control of a situation, an extrovert accomplishes the task. To be productive in business it is necessary that a person be comfortable talking to people. When an extrovert is working with other employees to complete a job, extroverts are more likely to communicate details to other employees effectively. Moreover, communication is a very important aspect of the work environment, therefore, a person who is extroverted has a competitive advantage over employees who do not speak much or have below average social skills. Moreover, some researcher has stated that extraverts make…

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