Healthy People 2020 Essay

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Margaret Carriger
Grand Canyon University
Trends and Issues in Health Care
Georgeana Lass Drew, Instructor
July 12, 2014

In 2010, Healthy People 2020 was started by the Department of Human Health Services. Health programs and research topics were instituted to help Americans live healthier and longer lives (CDC, 2014). The 42 topics presented are all very important in maintaining the goals set by Healthy People 2020. If these programs were to be cut or budget restraints imposed on them, the impact would be felt by all Americans. There would be more unhealthy people, preventable chronic diseases would be more prevalent, and education and health associated programs would be
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The Physical Activity Guideline for Americans (PAG) objectives for Healthy People 2020 is to support the benefits of physical activity in schools and other physical activity programs. (Healthy People, n.d).
10. Social Determinants of Health- Establish social and physical surroundings that support good health for individuals. Determinants of health can include the environment in which one is born in, where one works, lives, and plays. These factors can have an effect on health and quality of life (Healthy People, n.d.). The reason I chose these areas is because these seem to be the most important to address. Without improvement and education in health stigmas (mental illness, HIV/AIDS), socioeconomic background, education on prevention and treatment of certain chronic diseases, and those acquired will continue to be a disparity in this nation. Physical exercise is essential to all, given the staples of this society; it is imperative that obesity and chronic conditions that are predisposed conditions due to a sedentary lifestyle should be addressed and programs enacted for preventive measures should be a priority. Healthy People 2020 is exactly what this nation should continue supporting in order to keep research funded for all 42 topics. Developing and presenting a program that would enable quality of health to individuals would take plenty of research, statistics

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