Essay about Healthy, Or A Hype?

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Healthy, or a Hype?
Humans and food have always had an affair with one another and lately it’s been more of a love-hate relationship and a complicated one at that. Our lives evolve around a constant changing world, the food we grow, buy, cook, and eat are much different that it was years ago. Michael Pollan’s article published in The New York Times Magazine, “Unhappy Meals,” reveals why something as simple as the consumption of food is complex. Society has shifted from eating ‘real food’ to ‘food products’ from the rise of nutritionism from the 1980’s and, since then many fad diets have been created, but have come and gone. With the territory of food in the twenty-first century comes with as Pollan says, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants (1).”
American supermarkets have seen a drastic change since the 1980’s . It all began when a Senate Select Committee of Nutrition created the “Dietary Goals for the United States,” based off findings of post WWII, coronary heart disease went on a rise, but during time of war when meat and dairy were less available heart disease fell (3). The committee thus created the guidelines to eat less of dairy and meat. Outrage was felt by the two food industries. Senator McGovern was pushed to edit the guidelines, “Reduce consumption of meat” — was replaced by artful compromise: ”Choose meats, poultry and fish that will reduce saturated-fat intake.” Guidelines like these led to confusion for Americans; verbal blunder like, “Polyunsaturated,…

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