Healthy Meals in Schools Essay

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Schools: Provide Healthy Food Awareness Program and Fine Quality Meals

Growing up in a small town of New Jersey, for the preliminary academic years my parents had no alternative but to place my siblings and me in the weakly funded public school system. From what I could recall the school system when it came from a financial standpoint relied more upon the contributions made by its residents than the State Government. As a result of this the school system had no other choice but to provide meals inferior to the meals nearby public school systems served. Both distasteful and unhealthy meals were prepared for the students during their breakfast and lunch periods. Some students like myself were basically obliged to devour the provided
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Arguing that analytically the schools would have to cut in other educational programs in order for this to take effect. Proponents also claim that due to the lack of evidence of the result of this program it is senseless to assume obesity would be declining.
Instead of serving high calorized meal, schools should consider opting for more healthy food varieties. High calorized meals like processed pizza usually given every Fridays to students. They ought to provide low fat and nutritional pizza made up of organic grown aliments. For breakfast, the schools should serve fresh fruits bowls along with multigrain bread replacing the fattening usual bread as toast. Serving more broiled chicken and less deep fried could definitely give a good impact towards the fight against obesity among students. The meals being served in schools in many cases should not be concerning the quantity but the quality of the food. Freshly picked organic fruits and vegetables that would be fitting for a healthy generation. Schools should arrange a quarterly survey for its students to then answer with ratings and feedbacks. This survey will not only help give the School Administrators an idea of what foods would be best to serve based on popularity choice from the students but could also help them on a financial stand point..
With this method being practiced everyday, students will then adapt to healthy food choices throughout their primary school

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