Essay on Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act

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According to Hopkins, in 2004 the number of overweight children aged 6-11 had quadrupled to 18.8%. Childhood Obesity is starting to become a worldwide epidemic, more specifically in Baltimore City. Children are not obtaining the appropriate nutrition at home or in their schools. As of 2010 there was an Act formed called Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, which was created to encourage schools to make available more healthy food choices and to also offer different grades of milk; fruits and vegetables are also offered every meal (Clarke, 2014). This bill, which passed out of House Education and Labor Committee on a bipartisan vote, helps children who are in school, in out-of-school time programs, or in child care by improving their access to food and the quality of the food available (NCSL). In 2007, 13 percent of children ages 2-5 receiving services from the Maryland Women, Infants, & Children Program were obese. Additionally, 37 percent of Baltimore City high school students are overweight or at-risk compared to 29 percent of their counterparts in Maryland and the U.S. (Draisin, 2009).
When I attended school before this act was put into place, so many goodies and sweets were offered. There was not a limit on what we could buy. There also weren’t any options when it came to choosing milk, or apple or orange juice, there was a wide range of sugary drinks at the register. I believe that this Act should very well lower the rates of obese children, only if schools are enforcing the…

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