Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act : Taking Control Of Students Eating At School

1941 Words Apr 22nd, 2016 null Page
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act: Taking Control of Students Eating at School Is the HHFKA (Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act) really improving child nutrition while saving them from hunger? Through my research I have realized that there are many different viewpoints and opinions on this issue that are taking place in schools all around us everyday. The purpose of this act is to improve child nutrition. Schools are where we see this act being implemented the most because schools are the only place where the same meals are being served to a large group of children. Schools are an easy place to change to new regulations about what is healthy to eat and what is unhealthy for children at school. The HHFKA is putting strict regulations on school lunches. Children are starting not to eat lunch at school because children do not like the change that is taking place. Coming from my own experience with school lunches, changing weird and unusual foods that were not normally served in a school lunchroom is tough on the children. I was the child that refused to eat what was being served that day at lunch. Since children are not eating the new and unusual healthy foods being served, the children are not getting what they would need to fulfill the requirements of what the HHFKA is trying to improve. More children are going hungry due to the new foods that are being served. Also, children are not getting their necessary nutrition that they need to get through a normal day at school. So I ask “Is…

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