Healthy Grief Essay

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Healthy Grief
It is healthy and natural to experience the reaction of grief in individuals at some time in their life. Grief initially occurs when individuals lose someone important whether it is after death or become broken hearted from a relationship, addiction, diagnosis of a sickness, and other difficult transitions that a person has to accept and learn in how to move forward in a healthy aspect in order to enjoy life. These examples in expressing different angles of grieving can lead to a physiological response and as a result it can create an unhealthy lifestyle. Dr. Elisabeth Kulber- Ross have worked with chronically ill patients in the medical setting, and provided support by caring and comforting them during their critical time
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The next stage is depression, people can easily become depress when they cannot get out of denial, as a result they become fragile, unexpected weight loss, and other unhealthy signs draws them to a dark place. Last but not least. Acceptance is the stage where a person realizes and accepts that their loss of a loved one is not returning, and is gone. This does not mean that the person is going to be happy, but he will begin to feel peace (Torry, 2011).
The story of Job’s life in the bible demonstrates important roles and values in the stages of grief. It was a misfortunate when Job went through the hardship of losing his possessions, his health, and children. Job did experience the stage of grief in denial; he had a difficult time digesting what happen to him when he has been faithful and loyal to God. He began to feel angry toward his close friends and God, after experiencing the stage of denial. Then he started to become depressed, everything was so devastating and overwhelming for him that he began to feel he was never born on earth. Then, he started to contemplate and reflecting upon the past in how he could of done differently, and how he should have made better choices. After going through sorrows of being depressed he heard the powerful voices of God, and he spoke in reaching to him so he can view his suffering in a different perspective. In turn, he listened and was able to

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