Healthy Eating Plan For A Healthy Body Essay

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Healthy eating plan
This semester a large amount of information was obtained for healthy eating for life style. Taking care of the body consist of a bunch of things. A healthy body is contingent on the health of a person, what the person eats, physical activity and supplements that could help. At the beginning of the spring semester, the nutrition student was pregnant. It was recommended that she had an intake of at least two thousand calories.
The student intake of calories was barley meeting the requirements. The pregnant student was getting mostly bread which was good for energy because carbs give energy to the body. The student would eat fruits and vegetables but not the recommended amount. The guidance system my plate states that half of the plate should consist of fruit and vegetables and thats only for a two thousand calorie a day count. vegetables and fruits are loaded with vitamins minerals and antioxidants. This food has been linked to protect against chronic diseased like heart disease and cancer. The benefits also exist in the different color spectrum. The nutrition students was happy to find out that she could eat as much fruits and vegetables as she wanted because they were low calorie making them good for her waist line.

The student knew that she needed other sources of nutrition because she had a baby growing in her. such as dairy, and protein. She knew she needed calcium because the baby was taking her supply of calcium from her body to grow its own. If…

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