Healthy Eating : A Healthy Diet Essay

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Healthy Eating A pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. If a diet consists of 2,500 calories a day and it was changed to 2,000 a day, it would take one week to lose a pound of fat. It isn’t that hard to cut back on those calories though. With some simple knowledge of healthy eating and determination, there are endless possibilities to lose fat. For one to fully understand healthy eating, one must examine how and what we eat, the processed food and artificial sweeteners we consume, and the importance of hydration. Healthy Eating is thinking about the process foods go through and eating the most natural form of food possible (Voo). This means reducing the amount of processed foods and eating more organically. Eating organically is eating things naturally without any alterations or changes. “(GMOs) have been linked to cancer and fertility” (Voo). GMOs are genetically modified food. It is preferable to eat the pesticide-free foods to avoid the added hormones and chemicals (Voo).“Processed foods are classified in three categories: minimally processed food, processed food ingredients, and highly processed food” (“Food”). Some unprocessed foods are nuts, farm-fresh eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and dried legumes (Voo). These foods would be more of the organic types of food. Minimally processed foods have small procedures before they can be sold. Minimally processed foods are processed by cutting, peeling, washing, removing parts, and juicing (“Food”). These are small…

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