Healthy Diet Conflict Essay

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Conflict with Healthy Diet Views

I will be using the 5 Whys technique to help solve the conflicts that sometimes arise when discussing what is healthy and not healthy foods to eat. This is a common conflict and most people involve have different opinions based on their knowledge, experiences, age and culture. The conflict arose with myself and three different family members over the past year. Without getting specific on exactly who, I’ll use names, sister A, sister B and brother C.

Let’s start the 5 Whys technique with sister A, with the conflict of opinion of milk (cow) being healthy for adults. Sister A was visiting and my wife and I last year and as everybody was deciding what to drink with lunch, my sister chose milk and added
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Each person was focused only on each ones view, either as not being harmful or not a healthy food. The focus needs to stay on each side to resolve each opinion one at a time. First one being why she was stating is wasn’t harmful to a particular person which happens to be her husband (brother C). Based on a medical test completed on him, this type of food wasn’t harmful to him (no bad reactions). Therefore, I would accept this point at this stage of the conversation. My next question was for her was, if the type of food was good or healthy for brother C. Her response was, she didn’t know for sure. So, the response for not being “bad was quick and the response for it being “healthy” was, not sure. This is where the conflict originated. I wanted to make a point that I believed this food to not be healthy at the same time as “harmful”. Her initial response was it was “not harmful” and she wasn’t sure if it was “healthy”. Later in the discussion her view changed as being it may not be “healthy” but in moderation is was of no harm. We finalized the discussion at this point but it was very interesting discussion. Her field of study is nutrition, so I’m going to keep a very open mind and respect her authority on this subject. Brother C was just really piggybacking on sister B (his wife) regarding this form of food with the comments of “Don’t be afraid of bacon”, and that bacon, pork rinds are not bad for me. This conflict wasn’t a major altercation, it was almost to the point of comical. If a so called “junk” food can be labeled not bad for you, many people will jump all over this fact and eat in daily until the cupboard is empty of it (as he did). This would be missing the fact of my sister B of stating “not bad in limitations”. For the record I love to eat bacon and milk(cow) on ice with

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