Healthy Boundaries And How We Can Be Violated Essay

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Healthy Boundaries and How to Reset Them

Last week we discussed what unhealthy boundaries are and how we can be violated by them, but what are healthy boundaries?

Someone with healthy boundaries is able to identify how they feel, what they think and chooses how they will react or behave in any given situation; taking full responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and behavior. They do not blame others for what they think, feel, or how they behave because, they are able to stand up for themselves calmly and intelligently, without using intimation or manipulation.

A person with healthy boundaries does not allow others to control how they think, feel, or behave, nor do they try to control others through manipulation, guilt, blame, or by being bully. They refuse to play the role of the victim or the martyr.

They are able to recognize their own needs, take responsibility for those needs, and ask for what they need honestly and openly without drama or mind games. They are also able to accept "No" from others without having their self-esteem demolished.

They have a strong enough sense of self that they don 't absorb others negative emotions or personalize another’s bad behavior.

The movies romanticize love as being totally absorbed or enmeshed with another. This is not love and can’t be sustained without loosing yourself.

A true partnership requires that each person be healthy within themselves before they can form a healthy relationship together. In order to be…

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