Healthy And Nourishing Workplace Case Study

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A workplace is an adaptation towards a place where workers feel they are being appreciated for their work and where they feel they are supported to sustain a lifestyle, which is by all means is healthy.

A healthy place of work helps employees have a good balance between home liabilities and work at their offices by providing them a chance to participate in the activities which are beneficial for the mental and physical health of employees (, 2015).

A Healthy and Nourishing Workplace is the one where workers have a feeling of recognition for their work, enjoy a proper balance between obligations at home work life, have the chance to participate in decision making can have an influence on their work and where they are provided with the chances for Professional and personal growth. It is a place where employees enjoy a social environment which provide them with the chance to achieve their goals and utilize their talents fully. Employees feel protected and enjoy a safe and secure working environment where they have an assurance that their physical and psychological health is shielded.

The organizations can have a healthy status by combining Promotional health actions, Providing them with the programs for their development and with a fair treatment, having flexible remunerations and a safe and healthy working environment and by
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Past Researches showed that there are many quantifiable advantages to the employers and their organization in adopting and executing health programs. These benefits include an enhanced and increased level of output and efficiency at the workplace, a diminished level of absentees, an improved level of employee contentment, an improved level of employee commitment towards their work, upgraded employee retention rate and a diminished employees’s reward expenditures (Mitchell et al.,

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