Healthlite Yogurt Information Technology Plan Essay

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Business Plan
Healthlite Yogurt Co.
Danbury, Connecticut Table of Contents

1.0 Organization Overview 2
1.1 Organization Structure 2
1.2 Organization Products 2
1.3 Major Business Processes 2
2.0 Problem Statement 3
2.1 Existing Problems with the Current Processes 3
2.2 Factors Contributing to the Problem 5
3.1 Overview of Management Plan 6
3.2 Objectives 6
3.3 Timeline 7
3.4 Major Milestones 9
3.5 Cost and Benefit Assessment for Plan Implementation 9
4.0 Business Process Change Drivers 10
5.0 Technology Plan 12
5.1 Goals and Technology Vision 12
5.2 Current Technology and Resources 13
5.3 Priority Needs and Solutions 13
5.4 E-Commerce and Web-Based Order Processing System 15
5.5 Database
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The archaic ordering system and lack of Web-based communication to support the sales and marketing business processes are interfering with the company¡¦s efficiency and ability to compete in the yogurt industry.

2.0 Problem Statement

2.1 Existing Problems with the Current Processes

Healthlite Yogurt Co. has not been able to keep up with increasing sales. This inability poses a huge risk to company success. The main contributing factor to this risk is the company¡¦s lack of technological infrastructure. This lack of infrastructure results in increased order processing time as well as lack of communication within the company. The company is not able to make timely decisions regarding pricing, marketing, and product planning due to the lack of company information readily available to the business decision makers.

The Healthlite ordering process is done by mail or fax through the corporate office where credit verification is completed for each transaction. This process is slow and delays product shipment. Due to the short shelf life of yogurt, customers must be able to depend on timely delivery of Healthlite products in order to not end up with empty Healthlite product shelf space. Over the past year, Healthlite¡¦s paper-based order processing system has resulted in accounting errors and problems with order accuracy. The company has even had trouble matching the correct shipping

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