Healthcare Technology And The Healthcare Industry Essay

716 Words Sep 6th, 2016 3 Pages
Technology are so many advantages that healthcare uses all this technology to revolutionize the healthcare industry. According to CCHIT.ORG healthcare information technology, Doctors have access to the medical information’s to their patient’s. Technology has increase the field of health information, ability to the patients to communique easily with their doctor. A study of 189 Massachusetts medical performs indicated that the number of malpractice claims fell 49 to 2 after beginning the use of electronic health record. Healthcare technology is progressed playing a role in almost all process. Like device are replacing conventional monitoring and recording systems. Now with the technology the doctor can send the patient prescription‘s drugs directly to the pharmacy and the patients can pick up his medication most faster to his pharmacy so the patients can save time. Also this technology is improving by call the patients before the day of the appointment to remain the patients that is an appointment which save some paper work to the hospital and also make sure the patients could miss this appointment. Moreover, with the invention of portal technology the patients can have access directly to his personal health records by the healthcare information technology which help the patients to be more involve in their healthcare and also take care their own care better. Technologies advancements in healthcare have help a lot the patients and also saved some people live. However,…

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