Healthcare Setting And Health Care Essays

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Health care is rapidly improving in the health care setting and in the health care system. One profession that is vital to the health care setting is nurses. Nurses are the front line of the patient care (The future of Nursing leading change, Advancing Health: Report Recommendations, 2010). With the constantly changing health care setting and health care procedures, the role of nurses in providing high quality patient care is made more difficult. For the nurses to adapt to the rapidly changes in the health field, “The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and institute of medicine produce a report of recommendations” (“the future of Nursing leading,” 2010). These recommendations are to ensure that nurses can become well positioned to lead change and advance health” (“the future of Nursing leading,” 2010). The recommendations that can help advance nurses are “implement nurse residency programs, double the number of nurses with a doctorate by 2020 and ensure that nurse engage in life long learning” (“the future of Nursing leading,” 2010). Each recommendations tells us what they are attempting to accomplish, and “the actions that should be taken to implement and support the recommendation” (“the future of Nursing leading,” 2010). The third recommendation of implement nurse residency programs states the different organizations like state board of nursing, accrediting bodies, the federal government and health care organizations to take “action to support nurses completion of a…

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