Healthcare Service And Delivery Measures Look At Current Trends With Patient Care

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AF healthcare service and delivery measures look at current trends with patient care regarding lifestyle risks and behavioral health during routine visits. Outcomes prove that AF’s performance is steadily improving with comparable results to Health Care Data and Information (HCDI) 90th percentile benchmark and a mission to meet and exceed Healthy People 2010 goals (NIST, 2006). In contrast to nationwide trends in chronic illnesses, AF has seen consistent improvements in BMI figures, obesity rates, communicable diseases and diabetes with their patient population due to enhanced clinical responsibility. Recent healthcare reform and the rollout of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) re-enforced the concept of high quality care for all Americans through updated compliance policies, prevention guidelines and provider expectations, which have proven to be a benefit for patient health (HHS, 2016).
Arizona, a traditionally Republican state, has healthcare as a top priority for discussion this year. Governor Doug Ducey along with party leaders and citizens are facing issues such as financing, access to and quality of care and investments in IT improvements (Ballotpedia, 2016). Federal and state health policy creation affect the cost citizens must pay for care, but can also influence their overall health based on care that is accessible to them in their communities. In the current healthcare environment, meeting patient demands is key to success and AF shows measured…

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