Essay Healthcare Policy Video Meeting Journal

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Healthcare Policy Video Meeting Journal I attended the video meeting from the Minnesota Department of Health. There was not one single policy that was discussed during this meeting; instead it was an overall talk about healthcare. The goal of this meeting was to discuss how elected officials could create a healthy state. This is done in many ways but one of the initiatives is “health in all policy.
More importantly the foundation of this initiative lies with the community. As a community they are become the structure and values that supports health for the people. To provide this, constituents need to be able to communicate to their policy makers and vice versa. Furthermore, policy makers are vital to keeping the policy implemented. As voices of the people they serve, staying proactive and remembering how health plays a factor in all areas. More importantly expanding the understanding on what creates health, and that it is not based solely on medical care. However, recognizing that there are barrier and disparities in the current policy that need to change in order to improve health for everyone. It was interesting to hear, and excited that our elected officials are taking this initiative seriously. The fact that they understand that health is embedded in education, transportation, housing, and nutrition are play a role in healthy living. Without a doubt having these values makes me excited to start working in the health field where others support the same beliefs…

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