Essay on Healthcare Policy And Economics Of The Field Of Nursing

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Although normal, it is hard to admit there are parts of the nursing profession that are more interesting than others. Despite knowing there is information I need to learn, there are some topics that still cause an instant feeling of dread when I read the headline. On the other hand, I read some headings that make me wish I could skip straight to that module. Topics I am the most interested in are (1) Healthcare Policy and Economics, (2) Legal and Ethical Issues and (3) Core Healthcare Professional Competencies. However, topics that are on the less interesting are (1) Nursing Education, Accreditation and Regulation and (2) Nursing as Profession. I want to make a huge impact in the field of nursing. Without an understanding of Healthcare Policy and Economics and an interest in being active in the changes to Healthcare Policy, I do not believe my impact could be as large as my goals. Nurses have the opportunity to shape Healthcare Policy and the legislation that affects their nursing practice. In a time where economic principles are critical in the survival of healthcare practices, a nurse with a knowledge and understanding of Healthcare Economics can do their part to help their practice thrive. It does not take many days as a new nurse before issues of ethics and legality present in a patients’ case. In some ways, it is disheartening to learn the impacts of lawyers and the legal system have on the practice of nursing. On the other hand, it is beneficial to understand what…

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