Healthcare Plan For A Managed Care Plan Essay

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Managed care is the most prevalent form of health insurance plan that has significantly changed the ways that patients receive care and allowing them a variety of affordable care. Under managed care, health insurance plans have a contract with providers and hospitals to provide care for clients at lower cost. Clients who choose to enroll in a managed care plan should also be aware of both the benefits and the drawbacks of those care plans.


Managed care health insurance plans, mostly the HMO 's, focus primarily on prevention, and people with these types of policies pay less for their coverage. The newest options in health insurance plans include the PPO (preferred provider organization) plans. Due to their flexibility, these plans are becoming the most popular health insurance plan. PPO plans are similar to managed care plans in that they encourage preventative care, such as routine medical care which is covered under the plan, but you are allowed more choices over which providers you can see in this type of health insurance plan. If you are covered under the managed care health insurance plans, you have a greater chance of having the routine medical care covered, since they believe strongly in preventative medicine. The client typically is required to choose a health care provider from a list of participating providers, but most of the paperwork required to process your claim is the responsibility of the insurer (Triggs, n.d.).

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