Healthcare Of The United States Essay

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Healthcare in the United States is undergoing sweeping changes, brought forth by new healthcare reforms. Practicing nurses are gradually adjusting to the new hospital culture that emphasizes costs and patient care versus patient care alone. These reforms have arrived just in time to serve Baby Boomers’ healthcare needs. One group at the forefront of these changes is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). The National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists is making great strides in preparing nurses for the new healthcare landscape.

American Healthcare Is Changing

Today’s hospital setting is changing drastically. Traditionally, the crux of nursing care revolved around providing patients with whatever they needed despite the costs. This ideal derives from the training nurses have undergone for centuries. Nursing schools have not commonly included hospital finance curricula in their programs. This paradigm has changed as contemporary hospital administrators turn to frontline nurses to create positive financial outcomes in addition to positive patient outcomes. As the underlying healthcare insurance landscape has changed, so have the factors that motivate hospital finance executives. Therefore, hospital administrators are putting more pressure on nurse practitioners to help curb expenses.

Frontline nurses are the key to controlling patient related hospital expenditures. One area where nurses can help reduce costs is with supplies. In the past, keeping an eye…

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