Essay on Healthcare in France Compared to the United States

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My paper is comparing the healthcare system in France to the healthcare system we have in the United States. We need to look at France’s healthcare and other countries with universal healthcare and ask ourselves “Is it sustainable?” Is it feasible?” “Will it provide for those who don’t have insurance and help those that do?” The results show universal healthcare is usable, but there have to be guidelines, who it covers, what it covers, and what improvements need to be made to make it work. When other countries have been using universal healthcare for 60 + years, it shows there is hope for it in this country too. Healthcare is a growing problem, but it might become more of one if taxes are raised to cover the cost. France’s NHS
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The National Health Service (NHS) in France, was started back in 1946, and became effective on 5 July, 1948. It has been active for over 60 years now. It is funded by uniform rates, employers, employee contributions, and personal income taxes.
Workers pay approximately 23% out of their paychecks each month to cover the price of healthcare, retirement, and unemployment. Employers pick up little more than half that expense. In the U.S., we pay about 33% in just taxes. We end up paying more for healthcare insurance, higher out-of-pocket expenses for medicines, doctors, and hospitals.
NHS in France is based on two historical bargains; the first with their physicians and the second with their insurers. France let the existing insurance companies become the nation’s healthcare fund administrators. These insurance companies negotiate with medical unions and set physician fees. The government regulates hospital fees and the NHS works to keep costs down. France is trying to change health insurance financing from payroll and wage levies that hamper many employers willingness to hire. They are thinking about trying to broaden taxes on earned and unearned income alike to help pay for healthcare.
It is beginning to break down and cause problems, but as time goes by everything needs to be updated and changed a bit. There are other countries with socialized medicine for us to look at. We need to

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