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Health Services Finance

Recruiting and Retaining Nurses

Health Services Finance HS543ON
June 16, 2011

ISSUE/BACKGROUND With quickly changing demographics, new technologies, limits on resources and public expectations the health care arena is constantly changing at a quick pace (Nowicki, p. 338). The Bureau of Labor statistics reported in April 2011 that despite the recent economic downturn and high unemployment health care is continuing to grow. It was estimated that approximately thirty seven thousand jobs were added in March 2011 alone (AACN). The staffing of registered nurses has been a long time concern due to the fact the shortage greatly affects patient safety as well as quality of care ( Studies
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The question then becomes how can hospitals recruit and retain their nurses?
PROBLEM ANALYSIS Hospitals cannot recruit and/or retain healthcare professionals such as nurses and physicians fast enough in the ever growing healthcare field. With the baby boomers reaching retirement age and becoming eligible for Medicare hospitals need to not only recruit but retain nurses. The nursing shortage can be contributed to the fact enrollment for nursing school is not expanding quickly enough to meet demand for registered nurses, there is a shortage in nurse educators which restricts enrollment, the average age of nurses is increasing as many nurses are baby boomers, and the need for more nurses to care for our growing population of elderly. Not to mention the nursing shortage is causing staffing problems which increases the stress level of nurses, decreases job satisfaction, and leaves nurses with the desire to leave nursing (AACN). The nursing shortage can be in part due to the fact there are not enough nurse educators which directly affects enrollment in nursing schools which in turn has caused thousands of students to be turned down for enrollment ( In 2007 over forty thousand applicants were turned away from baccalaureate and master programs due in part to lack of faculty ( This shortage has been attributed to the aging population of nurses, a large wave of retirees, and lucrative benefits outside of the classroom

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