Healthcare Facilities Should Create A Sense Of Trustworthiness And Safety

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Healthcare facilities should create a sense of trustworthiness and safety. People trust their doctors their lives without a second thought. Most of the time they don 't ask questions and everything that doctors will say. But imagine yourself in a situation when you are seeking for medical help but they becoming the cause of the biggest problem will you ever trust the organization again? Probably no. Medical errors are a really serious issue. Although not always life threatening but can cause very serious health conditions. Medical errors are the third-largest killer of Americans (heart disease and cancer are first and second, respectively); these errors result in about 400,000 deaths and cost $1 trillion annually in the United States (Zikhani, 2016).
Medication errors have severe direct and indirect effects on health care organizational structure, and culture is usually the outcome of breakdowns in a system of care. Many reasons can involve in medical errors such as miscommunication of drug order, mistakes made in medication, surgery, similar medication names, and laboratory results.
According to the Institute of Medicine Report (IOM) defines a medical error as “the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim”
First I am going to talk about the origin of errors which is a human being. Medical error occurrence is triggered by both human and system. The work conditions should be designed in a way that minimizes…

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