Essay on Healthcare Disparities Within The Rural Community

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One of the greatest healthcare disparities in America is the lack of care available for the citizens residing in the rural areas. Residents in the rural areas experience lack of diverse specialty care, difficult transportations due to geographical barriers, shortage of information and educational opportunities available to better understand healthcare. These difficulties often times make it challenging for the patients within the rural community to actively seek healthcare. While more than 20 percent of the American population resides in the rural area, only about 10 percent of the physicians and caregivers practice in these somewhat isolated areas. (National Rural Health Association) Approximately 16 percent of the adult residents and nearly 40 percent of the minors, residents 18 years of age or younger, receive Medicaid or are covered by the Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) in the rural parts of America concentrated mostly around the Midwest, making them one of the largest group, 12 million of the 49 million citizens, to receive federal health benefits. (Powell, 2011) If the implementation of telemedicine is done correctly and effectively, it can only be of a tremendous benefit towards overall health and the well being of the isolated majority of America. Aeon Strange is a 9-year-old patient who currently resides in a small town of approximately 11,000 in Rolla, Missouri. The town itself is only about 12 square miles in area but, whenever Aeon and his…

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