Healthcare Delivery Systems : Cost Containment And Staffing Models

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Health Care Delivery Systems: Cost-Containment and Staffing Models
Shelley Hendel
Baptist School of Health Professions
NUR 4340
Professional Nursing Issues and Health Care Delivery Systems
January 31, 2016 Health Care Delivery Systems: Cost-Containment and Staffing Models
The Affordable Care Act (ACA), implemented in 2010 by the Obama administration is healthcare coverage that allows access to affordable quality healthcare to the citizens of United States of America (USA). Nurses, as leaders and educators can find ways to reduce costs of healthcare without reducing safe, efficient and quality care. Good patient outcomes, patient safety and satisfaction need to be considered when dealing with staffing and reducing costs associated with healthcare in the acute care setting.

The Cost of Health Care
According to The World Bank (2016) the current cost per person in USA in 2013 was $9,146. Norway and Switzerland were the only two countries that spend more on healthcare per person than USA. In 2014 government spent a staggering 3 trillion dollars on healthcare costs in USA (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2015).
Government goals are to gain control of the already high healthcare costs by encouraging more competition amongst health care plans, taxes on high-priced insurance coverage and measures to prevent fraud (Wood, 2011). Healthcare cost can be divided into four major service categories inpatient, outpatient, professional and prescription.…

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