Healthcare Delivery Is Evolving And Improving Through Continuous Years

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Healthcare has been evolving and improving through continuous years. 1850 manifested the first advance of hospitals in the United States in which a more structured form of healthcare was beginning to form. The 1900s converted into a movement of scientific medicine in the era of healthcare while WWII came along and turned healthcare into a matter of social and political development until about 1980. Following from the 1980s to the present, healthcare has taken a turn from a clinically driven system to one that is more economically driven. Overall, every era had a main focus, focusing mainly on public healthcare especially controlling and preventing epidemics affecting large numbers of population. Healthcare delivery has evolved from the traditional family doctor, now we have what seems to be a never ending list of healthcare professionals that work as a team in the field. The first cause to this change is the increase of population in the United States as well as the increasing number of elderly people in the population. Another major aspect of changes in healthcare delivery is technology, the rapid advancements in technology is a key reason of why healthcare costs have gone up so high and why our healthcare system is now economically driven. We also have expending numbers of healthcare professions increasing because of the technology, new research, diseases swelling, we now have specialists to closely inspect each area of healthcare that would be impossible for one…

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