Essay on Healthcare Coverage And Health Care Coverage

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In modern society, it has become crucial to have health care coverage due to the increasing diseases and illnesses threatening society today. Examining the evolution of epidemiology, various diseases have progressed, and medicine has done the same. With the constant change and continuous development of chronic diseases, prices for medicine have peaked. Currently, access to health care coverage has become imperative to allow individuals to acquire medicine for illnesses and any other health related needs. The problem is that although there are various forms of obtaining health care, there still are individuals whom do not have access to these services. Although health care coverage is typically seen as a basic right that every individual should have, various people find themselves without any form of coverage. Not only is this problem present in the United States but it is also seen in Latin America. This paper will look into comparing and contrasting reasons that individuals do not have healthcare coverage in California and in Mexico. No matter where one resides, having access to health care coverage is crucial and is a basic necessity that is needed and should not be seen as optional to a selected few.
It can be difficult to understand the hardship that comes with being uninsured if an individual has the privilege of having coverage. Since the disparity of health care access exists, people are dying at a rapid rate because a simple check up cannot be afforded (Agency for…

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