Healthcare Associated Infections ( Hais ) Essay

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Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are a source of financial problems and preventable complications including death, for hospitals throughout the United States of America. According to an article found in The Journal of Infection Control, the focus of research has been on hand sanitization of healthcare workers, and there has been a lack of research regarding patients’ hand hygiene practices (Istenes, Bingham, Hazelett, Fleming, & Kirk, 2013, p. 794). This becomes problematic because as Barker et al. (2014) suggest, “patients are a common source of their own infections” (p. 585). Ardizzone, Smolowitz, Kline, Thorn, and Larson (2013) support this statement by suggesting that many infections are due to patients’ “own native flora, mucous membranes, or viscera” (p. 487). The American Journal of Critical Care estimates “2.5 million hospital infections and. . .90,000 preventable deaths” occur each year (pg 217). American Journal of Infection Control shows that 35.7-45 billion dollars are spent annually to combat the problem with hospital-acquired infections CHECK FOR QUOTE (pg 793). These numbers can be reduced greatly by proper hand hygiene practices. Patients are faced with situations that hinder their desires to perform normal hand hygiene practices, which lead to a greater risk of infection. In an effort to address whether or not providing easily accessible hand sanitizing products at mealtime and after toileting will increase proper patient hand hygiene…

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