Essay on Healthcare Administration : Medical And Health Services

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Healthcare Administration
Also known as Medical and Health Services Managers, Healthcare Administrators perform a variety of administrative duties within a health care facility such as a hospital, doctor’s office, nursing home, and group medical practices facility(O-net, n.d). Depending on the area of expertise in the workplace, their titles can vary such as a Nursing Home Administrator, Clinical Manager, Health Information Manager, and Assistant Administrator(Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).
Duties of a Healthcare Administrator are to plan, direct, and coordinate smoothly and successfully in their work environment. They are in charge of developing departmental goals and objectives; ensure the facility is up to date and compliant with new laws and regulations, and work to improve on quality and efficiency. They are also in charge of recruiting and supervising staff, creating work schedules, managing the finances of the work facility, creating, preparing, monitoring budgets and spending, keeping all records of the facility organized, and represent the facility at different meetings(BLS,2016). Healthcare Administrators communicate closely to all members of staff in the work environment, including physicians and surgeons, nurses, front desk attendants, and technicians. It is very important for them to be able to communicate effectively without causing any confusion. Effective communication can impact a patient’s safety, quality and patient satisfactory within the…

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