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Economic globalization brings increasing communication of economy and trading among countries, and the negotiation has been the important part of international business activity in this process. The international business negotiation is not only the communication and cooperation in the economic domain, but the communication of culture among various countries. In the process of negotiation, negotiants’ idea and behavior are controlled by their own national cultures.
There are large differences in thinking pattern, value view, group consciousness, negotiation style, benefit consciousness and law consciousness between western and eastern cultures, and these differences largely influence the process and result of negotiation and they are
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So, we are necessary to know the culture backgrounds and differences between western countries and eastern countries, and foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses based on that, and constitute reasonable negotiation strategies, which could help us to acquire successes in international business activities.
1. Difference of thinking pattern
Thinking mode, value view and behavior rule composes the distinct character which knows one nation from another nation. As a sort of long term cultural accumulation, thinking mode exerts a subtle influence on human social lives, and it has obvious differences.
The east culture emphasizes deduction and it is accustomed to reason from common to specific, i.e. deducting common principle to specific conclusion. But west culture emphasizes induction and it is accustomed to reason from specific to common, i.e. finding out common essential of the same sort of thing from the characters of many specific things. The east culture favors comprehensive thinking, i.e. uniting various parts of the object as one entity. English and American cultures favor analysis thinking, i.e. decomposing one complete object into various composing parts and aspects from idea. The east culture emphasizes unification and gives priority to the entity of thinking, and the west culture emphasizes opposition and gives priority to the part of thinking.
Different thinking modes embody

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