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Design Brief Report

In this report I am going to be explaining the special techniques (rollovers, house-style-action), methods of output (email attachments ad e-cards) lastly available output devices (mobile phones, PDA, monitors and tablet.) The purpose of this is to create a button that will suit the website. The audience is the people that are looking for an apple watch or o buy one. The reaction of the button must be great and the audience should like the button.

A rollover is a great technique to create buttons for websites. For example if someone goes on the website you don’t need to go through a lot of pages to get to page that you need to go. Whereas the rollovers will be at the bottom of the page to take you to
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For the apple website I will be using similar colours to make it blend in. I’m going to be using white, sliver and grey so it’s reliable for the website.

It is important to have an action when creating your button, because the smallest of details draws the user towards it, an action is basically what will happen when the user hovers the cursor above the button, an action consists of three main events: up, over, and down. The actions, which I have considered for the button, are that it will have three events: up, over, and the down stage.

File size
When creating an animation, it is very important to bear in mind the file size, this is because in my case, I will be emailing this and if my animation is a large file, it will take time to reload, which can frustrate the viewer, however if this animation was on a DVD, file size is not something to worry about. Therefore, it is important for a designer to consider the file size. The compression techniques that I will be using are: auto crop- this because the main task of auto crop is to remove the background behind the image which is either using too much background space or simply to make the image more appealing/ remove unwanted background

Output Methods:
The output method, will be a normal email where it will be discussing the main features of the product, however underneath the email

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