Essay about Health, Wellness, And Determinants Of Health

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Health, Wellness, and Determinants of Health
Health and wellness are very important and complex concepts in the nursing world since they can be interpreted differently and have different meanings to different people. Health and wellness are determined by social determinants of health and are in continuum with illness since they all link to ones overall well-being. It is very important for nurses to know the differences of health, wellness, and illness and also how they link together in order to be able to give individualized, competent, and holistic care to their patients. This paper will discuss my personal definitions of the key health concepts, the importance of providing holistic care to patients and their families, and how social dominants of health relate to the nursing process.
Health and Wellness To me, health means the state of how free your body and mind are from disease, or injury and has to do with a person’s self-actualization. People’s health can be affected by climate, food, shelter, clean air and water, and interactions with friends, family, and coworkers (Kozier 2014, pg 122). Health is also very personal since some people have different perceptions of health due to different pasts, ages, self-actualization levels, and different sociocultural influences. Wellness is different from health because it focuses more on how your environment and spirituality contribute to your overall physical and mental well-being. In order to be well, one needs to have…

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