Health South (B) Case Study Essay

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Case Study
HealthSouth (B)

Executive Summary HealthSouth is in need of creating a professional image and adopting ethical principles while addressing the following problems: unhappy coworkers and managers, improper business practices including creating falsified statements and unlicensed people performing physical therapy, and unethical behavior involving corporate leaders and the CEO. There are signs of lack of leadership and purpose within this company and unethical procedures that need to be addressed in a timely manner. We have provided within this case a framework to turn this downward cycle around and make HealthSouth a profitable and ethical organization. First, we will separate accounting duties which will help people remain
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On all fronts, there are issues of trust and faith in the company. This includes its employees, stockholders, bond holders and customers. The rumors within the company are a by-product of its ongoing struggles and challenges. When someone works for a company that has a poor reputation, the honor in the work is limited. The low morale is simply a consequence of the decisions of the former leaders.
The rumors of continued inappropriate business practices could possibly mean two things. One, that there is continued mistrust. Whether or not ethical decisions are being made within the company still may produce mistrust. This could explain why the current CEO is being named as someone who is a part of the inappropriate practices. This understanding and assessment would be the ‘less painful’ option since the underlying assumption is that ethical decisions are being made. The only thing to address would be the wounded hearts of the employees.
The second option is that employees, and CEO, are still practicing unethical behaviors. This would be the worst case scenario since changing the culture would involve terminations as well as trainings.
With a history of corruption and lies, changing

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