Health Services, Inc. And. Physical Therapy Essay

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Every day someone is looking for a job. Whether it is through a newspaper, friends, and family or online, it is hard to find a workplace. Not only is job searching hard, but deciding which company to work for is the most important decision of finding a job. Many look for a job in their professional field, but they do not consider the company’s background. Many do not ask about the basic salaries, benefits, and opportunities. Working for a company that is well established with great revenue, strength, high salaries, and benefits are things to consider. Gentiva Health Services, Inc. and U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. for example, both are a medical company, but Gentiva Health Services, Inc. is better because, the company has more strength and benefits not just for patients but the employee as well. A company’s revenue is an important aspect to a company, it is the income that the company is making. The revenue effects the employees’ salaries as well. Gentiva Health Services, Inc. revenue compare to U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. revenue is much higher. Gentiva Health Services, Inc. revenue in December 2013 was recorded $1,726.6 million (“Gentiva Health Services, Inc” 3) while U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. revenue in December 2015 was $331.3 million (“U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc”). Guessing from this given data, U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc. revenue would not reach Gentiva Health Services, Inc.’s revenue in 2013 for about 4 more years. Overall, Gentiva Health Services, Inc. has a better…

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