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Health Care Service Worksheet

Choose one health care service or function from your readings or this week’s vocabulary exercise that most interests you, personally or professionally. Identify it below.


Describe the chosen service or function of care by filling out the following. Address each point with complete, grammatically correct sentences.

• Focus or mission of the service or function (100–200 words): • I have chosen OB/GYN from our weekly vocabulary worksheet; the mission of this field is Obstetrician-gynecologists to provide the highest quality of patient care in obstetrics, gynecology and primary care with compassion and concern for patients well-being • to
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FIG. 1.
Estimated demand for women's health care (full-time equivalents of obstetrician-gynecologists) by U.S. female population age group for years 2010 and 2020.
Projected growth in the demand for women's health care services was not found to be equally divided among the races. Over half (56%) of the growth in demand by 2020 will be associated with more needs of Hispanic women compared with 18% growth in service needs by the non-Hispanic white population. In 2010, approximately 17% of ob-gyn related service time was utilized by patients of Hispanic origin, which accounts for approximately 6,700 clinical FTEs to provide such services. By 2020, approximately 19% of ob-gyn service time will be dedicated to providing care to Hispanic women, which equates to approximately 8,200 clinical FTEs of ob-gyn physicians.

• Specific care providers or professionals who work in this service or function (100–200 words):

The specific care professionals that work in this field are the OB/GYN physician, nurse, medical assistant, physician assistant, and laboratory and ultrasound technicians.

• How this service or function of care interacts with the health care structure in which it exists (100–200 words):

I believe that even though we have OB/GYN physicians some women prefer using a midwife from my research of Midwives and Ob/Gyns: A Quest for Collaboration in Obstetric Care

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