Health Screening And Health Promotion Essay

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Health Screening and Health Promotion Education Activity: Special Olympics Experience The overall goal of the health promotion and screening stations at the Special Olympics is to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles among Special Olympics athletes. The Special Olympics health promotion and screening venue was an incredible learning experience for both us and the athletes. This paper will discuss our overall Special Olympics health promotion and screening experience. It will include the appropriateness and effectiveness of our activities, resources, and strategies for the athletes and their growth and development stage. Furthermore, it will discuss our strengths and challenges during the event, what we learned from this experience, what went well during the experience, and also what we would change about our station and interactions if this opportunity came up again. Lastly, this paper will discuss the role of the community health nurse in health promotion and the value of health promotion and health screening for this population.
Health Screening and Health Promotion Education Station Before involving ourselves in the Special Olympics healthy athlete venue, we completed an extensive amount of research involving what teaching strategies are most appropriate for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID). We concluded that the best approach was to use visual aids in combination with interactive activities because there are such a wide variety of cognitive abilities…

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