Health Science Personal Statement

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Unlike most people I hear that are in health science, I have not always known that I desired to be in the health science field. This may sound strange since I am applying to a health science school, but I now know that this is what I am most passionate about. When I started high school, we were presented with many PowerPoint’s, slideshows, and quizzes about what we should do when we got out of high school. Even with all these materials, I still was not sure about what I truly wanted to do. This unknowingness leads me to try to find my future a different way. I started to research careers that I had no familiarity with, like a human resource specialist. I also interviewed people in different fields such as business management. Along with this, …show more content…
I also got a job at the multidisciplinary simulation center at Mayo Clinic. Both of these experiences taught me what it is like to be working with patients. During my job at the simulation center, I acted in a variety of doctor-patient scenarios. From being a non-English speaking mom that was going into labor to going in for a regular visit about an uncomfortable foot, I was able to see how doctors were supposed to react and handle the situation. I was also excited to be able to have a chance to work with patients one-on-one and this is what CNA class was able to do for me. After the class was over I was able to get a CNA job. This job lets me care for people that cannot do it for themselves. Helping these residents get ready for bed while talking about subjects like their past or what they still plan to do doesn’t even feel like a job. To be able to make these connections and help people that I would not have encounter without this job is a marvelous experience. This feeling, along with each resident’s appreciativeness is what made me realize how much I enjoy patient care and how important the connection is when working with them. Knowing I could help these people day to day is great, but observing how much pain or mental struggle they were in made me want to help them in a more permanent

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