Health Safety And Safety At Workplace Essay

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In this age of industrialization and globalization, rapid economic growth has been observed. Along with this rapid growth, there has been a significant improvement in money distribution and standard of living. But every good thing comes with one or the other flaw i.e. in this era the increase in the number of workplace accidents, fatalities and occupational disease is a major issue of concern. As per the reporting by a world recognized agency called as ILO (International Labor Organization), nearly 20 lac workers are injured and loss their life every year due to ignorance and falling a pray of occupational diseases and accidents. Research shows that nearly 270 million work related accidents and 160 million occupational diseases are occurring every year around the globe (Soehod & Laxman, 2007).Workplace health and safety or occupational safety and health is a globally recognized discipline concerned with preventing and protecting the workforce from such life threatening hazards at workplace. WH&S or OSH are basic standard which are formulated as a set of legislation aiming to avoid workplace injury and promote safety at workplace. From several articles it has been clear that the main focus of this legislation is to have a healthy and a productive workforce which is very important for people and the nation. (Rahman, 2006). If a company wants to prosper, it has to keep employees safety as a first priority. If employees are happy and safe at workplace, their…

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