Health, Safety and Hygiene Essay

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Sheet 3: Health, safety and hygiene
For this assessor visit, you will need to carry out a snack or mealtime routine in your placement. You will need to talk to your placement supervisor about this. Do this at least a week ahead of your assessor visit.

This visit will focus on your understanding of the Health and Safety and Food Management policies and procedures in your placement. You should be able to give your assessor a tour of the placement pointing out the relevant aspects. You also need to be aware of the Child Protection policy and the procedures relating to recording and reporting of child protection issues. You will need to explain how children’s nutritional needs are met.
You will need to carry out a snack or
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You need to consider how the child/children’s independence skills are promoted and encouraged, for example: toileting; washing and drying hands; pouring own drinks; and choice in foods. You will need to be able to reflect on how to support children and young people according to their age, needs and abilities, helping them to make personal choices and experiences that have a positive impact on their lives.

After the observation you will talk through and reflect on how the routine went. Your assessor may give you some suggestions and will ask you questions about what you did and how you might learn from it.

Professional Discussion criteria checklist

Unit Criterion Met Unit Criterion Met
SHC 32
(Edexcel 9) 4.1. Identify sources of support for planning and reviewing own development. Y/N EYMP 3
(Edexcel 14) 2.2. Explain systems for supporting children’s safety when:
● receiving children into the setting
● ensuring their safety on departure
● during off-site visits. Y/N 4.2. Demonstrate how to work with others to review and prioritise own learning needs, professional interests and development opportunities. Y/N 2.3. Demonstrate and evaluate how the environment, both inside and outside, and equipment and materials are checked and used to ensure safety. Y/N 4.3. Demonstrate how to work with others to agree own personal development plan. Y/N 2.4. Explain, giving examples, why minimum requirements for:
● space
● staff ratios

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