Health Related Intensity Profiles Of Physical Education Classes

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Annotated Bibliography
Bronikowski, M., Bronkowska, M., Kantanista, A. Ciekot, M., Laudanska-Krezminska, I., & Szwed, S. (2009). Health-related intensity profiles of physical education classes at Different phases of the teaching/learning process. Biomedical Human Kinetics, 1, 86-91. This research study looked at three different types of teaching/learning processes and the intensity (measured by heart rate) at which physical education students performed. The three types of teaching learning were: acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional principles, and evaluating and improving performance. This was a quantitative study as researchers compared lesson types with heart rate of students doing the activity. The results were that those students who participated in lessons centered around selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional principles had higher cardio-respiratory responses than the other groups. The strength of this study showed that lessons with application principles lead to students being more active. The weakness of this study is the researchers don’t explain what application principles lead to higher activity and heart rate.
Ferkel, R.C., Judge, L.W., Stodden, D.F., & Griffin, K. (2014). Importance of health-related fitness knowledge to increasing physical activity and physical fitness. Physical Educator, 71(2), 218-234. This journal article described and reviewed different studies that…

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