Essay on Health Related Fitness Goals And Health

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Growing up fitness and health was not something I though frequently about. I was a very active kid that formed horrible eating habits. As I have gotten older I have learned in order to take care of someone else you must first take care of yourself. Becoming a nurse has taught me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I dug in and started to learn about healthy eating. This journey has landed me here continuing my career and choosing a physical fitness class. This class helped me focus on improving my health in all aspects. This paper will discuss three health related fitness goals and plans to achieve each goal. My first goal and what I believe to be the most important for me is related to sleep. My goal is to sleep 7 hours a night. This could sound easily obtainable to any person but because I get up at 2 am on the days I work it becomes very difficult to have good sleep hygiene. In order for my body to function at its full potential it will need seven to eight hours a night but it does differ for each person ( Better Sleep, n.d.). It will be important for me to make sure I go to bed the same time each night, even if I am not working, and get up the same time or within an hour everyday (Better Sleep, n.d.). Routines are important and help cue your body when to settle down for the evening. I think these adding these ideas to my current sleep hygiene will help me achieve better outcomes. Adults need about two and a half hours a week of physical activity (Centers…

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