Health Promotion Is A Course Of Action Essay

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Health promotion is a course of action to help people change their habits to attain excellent health (Fair, p.2). For physical therapists, it should come as second nature to promote and become advocates of health and wellness. In the US, the pervasiveness of obesity will rise from “32% in 2008 to 50% in 2030” (Kraschnewski, Hwang, George, Lehman, & Sciamanna, 2014). Taking this information into account, we as physical therapists, should be involved in creating a health promotion initiative that would target the workforce. I, myself, have been struggling to live a healthier lifestyle. So, promoting a health and wellness initiative in the workplace is something that is personal to me. Working as a physical therapist and studying for the DPT program takes most of my time in a day. According to a research done by Bogossian, et al., nurses and midwives exhibited a “higher prevalence of obesity” than the general populace (2012). It was also noted by Soares, et al., that shift work is correlated with a greater prevalence of metabolic disorders (2012, p. 4380). With all of these compounding research on the prevalence of obesity in the workplace particularly in the healthcare profession. We have the responsibility to advocate for health and wellness in the workplace. As physical therapists, we can connect with our own employers to provide a target specific wellness initiative. For example, working for a hospital can allow you to work hand in hand with the management to help…

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