Health Promotion Assignment : Health Promotions Assignment Essay

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Health Promotion Assignment

1. Most people including Mrs.Black who suffer from functional incontinance are embarrassed and believe that incontinence is a normal part of aging unaware of treatment options (Potter & Perry, 5th edition). For example, completing a 24- 72 hour bladder diary which can show her when is the peak time of incontinence, and in turn will help her maintain a routine to promote normal voiding (Potter & Perry, 5th edition). Maintaining a routine of voiding every hour and after every meal might decrease her incontinence (Brunner & Suddarth, 2nd edition).
“Patients with urinary incontinence often reduce fluid intake because they believe this will help keep them dry” (Potter & Perry, 5th edition, p. 1135). Reduced fluid intake will only concentrate urine which can irritate bladder and in turn it might hurt to void Potter & Perry, 5th edition). Promotion of required amount of fluids is necessary, she should be drinking from 1500 to 2000 ml of fluids, and try to avoid fluid intake two hours before bedtime to regulate incontinence (Brunner & Suddarth, 2nd edition).
I would also promote absorbent products which are cost efficient and so hard to notice that Mrs. Black could even wear a dress without having to worry about bulkiness as they are thin. Wearing an absorbent product will make her more confident to try some activities with her friends as simple as playing a board game, or going out for a Bingo night.
She can also try exercises that will strengthen her…

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