Integrative Approach To Health Care Essay

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Numerous amount of people walk into hospitals or doctors ' offices every day. The patients come with not only physical ailments, but also with extra baggage one might bring with them. This may include anxiety, financial problems, stress, and other personal issues. These psychological problems cannot be separated from the physical ones. Doctors and health care providers must wear numerous hats to offer complete health care. For example a doctor might be a friend, a psychologist, and many more things because the patient needs to know that the health care team is meeting most of his or her needs. Despite the multiple roles a doctor can play, today’s health care system is increasingly impersonal and health care providers are not completely treating …show more content…
First, a patient has additional problems that bother them and not only physical ailments. For example, an elderly person might be suffering from heart problems, but not recovering speedily because the individual might be depressed from getting older. If the doctor only looks at the physical pains of the heart problem; he or she would be missing the psychological problem, which might play a role in the heart condition. Looking at the problem of elderly patient care through two disciplines would provide more insight into what troubles them. It would allow others to see more and give a better perspective on how health care professionals and facilities can do more for their patients. “The focus of interdisciplinary research extends beyond a single disciplinary perspective” (Repko, 2012, p.15). The solution to this problem needs an interdisciplinary approach because it goes beyond one discipline. People are more than their physical being; they are made up of different aspects such as psychological, biological, and spiritual. This is why patient care should also focus on more than one area of treatment. The elderly have had a lifetime of ailments, so treatment should help them cope with their respective troubles. Another reason why a more successful patient care for the elderly merits an interdisciplinary approach is because one discipline is not enough to address the complex problem (2012, p. 53). If you look

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