Health Practitioners : Replacement Of Statutory References For Medical Practitioners

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I support the intent of The Health Practitioners (Replacement of Statutory References to Medical Practitioners) Bill because of the wide range of benefits it will bring to the public health care quality, efficiency and accessibility. . As Matheson.D had highlighted at the association of salaried medical practitioners (ASMS) 21st annual conference in 2009 that New Zealand health system has to “maximise the benefits of early intervention, proper integration of services, health promotion, and involvement of communities in developing their own solutions to their health issues”. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges of health system will be accomplished with this bill. This will be enable health professionals to explore their positions and knowledge to deliver quality interventions at multidisciplinary levels and work with patients on evidence-based interventions (Coleman.J, 2015). Therefore, patients’ needs, context, culture, believes, capabilities, knowledge and comfort will be taken under consideration while making an intervention. Thus, a continuum of service will be delivered by health professionals within public accessibility and faster procedures (Coleman.J, 2015). This bill has 7 parts to it that show the different amendments it will give rise to.
1. Clause 1- This bill will be giving rise to 7 different bill amendments at different levels and areas of health care delivery. This include: Accident Compensation Amendment Bill, Burial and Cremation Amendment Bill,…

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