Essay about Health Policy Formulation And Analysis

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Health policy formulation and analysis Health policies aim to align the real health care needs of the public, provide standardization in operational activities, manage risks, reduces the health care costs and others so that people can have a quality of health care services. There are several issues in the health care system among them staffing shortage is the one, which needs to be addressed to prevent further staffing crisis and improve the quality and safety of healthcare services. Thia paper will describe regarding the policy formulation on staffing. The paper will explain the staffing issues, provide the evidence of staffing shortage, develop alternative solutions, choose the best solutions from alternatives and predict the outcomes of policy changes on staffing issues. In addition, a paper will outline the trade- offs of not having a policy on staffing or addressing staffing issues, provide recommendation and the effects of policy on direct patient care.

Seven steps of policy formation
Staffing shortage means a shortfall of qualified healthcare professionals such as physicians, nurses, technicians, laboratory staffs, pharmacists and other professional who have a tremendous role in providing quality of treatment, health care services and holistic care to the people (American Hospital Association [AHA], 2001). Staffing shortage is a chronic issue in health care system, which has negative effects on the health status of people, employees and the whole health…

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