Health Organization Defines Nutrition As The Intake Of Food Essay

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The World Health Organization defines nutrition as the intake of food in relation to the body 's dietary needs. To be well nourished an adequate, well balanced diet needs to be combined with regular exercise. Malnourishment can reduce immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development and reduced productivity. It is important to know about eating habits, what a healthy diet entails, what food to eat, and how water should be your number one choice of drink. Our eating habits influence our daily lives. In “Yoga Journal,” Meghan Rabbitt listed some daily habits that are worth repeating- meditate for 30 minutes, slow down at mealtime, keep a food diary, practice yoga, burn off stress, give someone a hug, and avoid food porn. Meditating each day can change the anterior cingulate cortex, a region of the brain that monitors focus and self-control (Rabbitt). When eating your meals, slow down, appreciate and enjoy your food. Although it may sound strange but keeping a food diary can be very helpful especially for athletes. After eating, write down what you ate, how hungry you were before you ate, how you felt afterwards to identify foods that make you feel good or foods that drag you down (Rabbitt). “You 'll likely notice certain foods that you can eat every day that never give you digestive issues,” says Scott Blossom, an Ayurvedic consultant, acupuncturist, and Shadow Yoga teacher in San Francisco. “Those are your power foods, which can be…

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