Health Literacy Is Defined By Class Lecture Essay example

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Health literacy is a complex topic difficult to address
Health literacy was defined by the class lecture as “the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information and services needed to make appropriate health care decisions (Healthy People, 2010). The features of health literacy include a wide range of skills and proficiencies that people develop throughout their lifetime. The title itself, Health literacy is composed of the noun literacy described by the adjective health. The noun literacy is defined in four specific parts within the health community: Fundamental literacy, the ability to read and comprehend prescription bottles, appointments slips, and the other essential health related materials required to successfully function as a patient. It includes being able to read, write, speak, and complete basic arithmetic. It is one of the strongest predictors of health status. Quantitative literacy, a more narrowed computation requires the ability to identify and perform calculations using numbers with printed materials. It also relates to the mathematical understanding of the risk factors and health statistics. Scientific Literacy is defined as the basic understanding of how science and medical work together and evolve. A patient needs this literacy to understand his body and know how to act accordingly The patient needs to be able to apply the scientific knowledge given to him for his/her own health needs.…

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