Essay on Health Literacy And National Literacy Skills

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Health Literacy

In New Zealand up to 80% Maori men and 75% Maori women have poor health literacy skills. Over 50% of the adult population in New Zealand have difficulties with health literacy (Korero Marama: Health Literacy and Maori, 2010). OECD countries also have similar result as New Zealand. The scale of one (very low skills) to five (very high skills) is used to measure health literacy skills (Work base, 2012).

Everyone should understand about their health and the health services provided. This assignment will cover the definition of health literacy and strategies that will help enhance the clients with low health literacy skills. The knowledge gained will prepare me to deliver quality nursing care. People with tertiary education have good health literacy skills, compared with those with low educational status. Those with low health literacy has poor health status and access to health services provided. Therefore clients are unable to make the right informed decision about their health condition and maintenance behaviour. This increases the rate of people attending emergency care and hospitalization.

Health literacy is the ability to make a sound decision about health as part of everyday life (NZNO 2011). Listening, writing, speaking, reading, critical analysis and numeracy are skills of health literacy. WHO defines health literacy “as the cognitive and social skills which determines the motivation and ability of individuals to gain access to, understand and use…

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