Health Literacy And Health Education Essay

1329 Words Apr 10th, 2015 null Page
Health literacy is a relatively new concept in healthcare promotion. The purpose of this essay is that it is used as a composite term to describe a range of outcomes of health education and communication activities. From this point of view, health education is directed towards improving health literacy. This essay explores the purpose of health education in health literacy, before examining in more depth the definition and effectiveness of the concept health literacy. This essay attempts to promote renewed attention to the role of health educators and communication in health literacy and encourages improvements in the sophistication of existing health education methodologies. Health literacy is an understanding in the skills and information to help sustain a healthier you. Over 90 million adults have trouble understanding health related topics.

The concept aids in building an idea of health and literacy as a resource to every day living. The level of literacy interprets the levels of health, no literacy or knowledge that leads to unhealthy living. Health literacy is a degree where people can understand and access information and maintain health across their lifetime. It is the ability to access and use health information and skills that allow people to make informed decisions and help obtain the knowledge to maintain their basic health. The impact it has on a person’s health status is dependant on the understanding of literacy an individual possesses, for instance, if a…

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